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Maroma Foundation Objectives


1.- Promote and disseminate the knowledge and understanding of the universal biosphere and its care.

2.- Preserve and protect the natural evolution of the flora, fauna, wetlands, jungle, beaches and reef of Maroma Bay.

3.- Investigate and experiment with technical solutions and philosophies which integrate the participation and needs of humans with the natural life and evolution of Maroma Bay.

4.- Harmonize the impact of balanced, artistic and productive development on the Maroma Bay  biosphere.

5.- Create ecologically sound models which can positively influence groups and individuals committed to the balanced use of natural resources.

6.- Create methods of productivity which support the dignity and quality of life of the human inhabitants of Maroma Bay, providing an economic and ecological model which works in harmony with nature.

7.- Encourage the nourishment of the human body and mind as a source of energy to attain the goals of the humanistic-ecological philosophy.

8.- Promote artistic endeavors which help disseminate the values of respect for the environment and its natural evolution as the only road to survival.

9.- Maintain communication with like-minded groups worldwide in order to achieve the symbiosis necessary to conserve the universal biosphere and enrich the human capacity to understand and use natural resources wisely.


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